Affordable Wildlife Control

416-560-4656 – Affordable Wildlife Control offers animal removal services in Toronto that’s a premier wildlife and pest control solution. If you need assistance fast, our Affordable Wildlife Control technicians are only a day or two away. All of our solutions are humane. Usually, when we get an animal removal call, it will result in an eviction of an animal. A lot of our calls are usually for … Continue reading Affordable Wildlife Control

Raccoon Removal

 Raccoon Removal   Interesting Facts about Raccoons Raccoons are of the Procyon genus. In winter, raccoons can lose as much as 50% of their body weight. They do not hibernate but are semi-dormant creatures. Mama raccoons usually produce a litter of 4 to 6 babies annually. The gestation period for raccoons is 65 to 66 days. All raccoons are omnivores. They love crabs, crayfish, fish, … Continue reading Raccoon Removal