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Interesting Facts about Raccoons

Raccoons are of the Procyon genus. In winter, raccoons can lose as much as 50% of their body weight. They do not hibernate but are semi-dormant creatures.

Mama raccoons usually produce a litter of 4 to 6 babies annually.

The gestation period for raccoons is 65 to 66 days.

All raccoons are omnivores. They love crabs, crayfish, fish, frogs, berries, acorns, mice, seeds, nuts, eggs, and poultry. They’ll raid cat and dog bowls that are left outside overnight. They enjoy raiding garbage cans and they are able to remove the lid quite easily. They are scavengers and will eat almost anything they can find when hungry.

Raccoons may be seen in the early morning hours or at dusk. They are basically nocturnal creatures that would prefer to avoid contact with humans.

Raccoons have a keen sense of touch. They use their paws in a very similar way to that which humans use their hands.

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Adult raccoons can be as small as 1 foot or as large as 3.3 feet in length.

There is much controversy over the name of raccoon babies. Many people believe they are kits, while others believe they are cubs.

Raccoon babies remain with their mothers for approximately one year. Yearlings leave their mother the following spring in order to make way for the new litter.

Raccoons walk on the soles of their feet, in a similar way to humans.

Raccoons are mammals.

Raccoons have black fur around their eyes that looks like a mask. This is why they’re often referred to as “masked bandits.”

Raccoons will steal hen’s eggs right out of the nest if they can find a way to get into a henhouse.

Raccoons have a ringed tail – alternate black and white.

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The tail of an adult raccoon can be as long as 8.5 inches.

Raccoon meat is edible.

Raccoons have sharp, canine teeth that can inflict a serious wounds on humans.

Raccoons, like all wild creatures, should never be kept as pets.

Raccoons like to live in hollow cavities in trees, but they will make their home in an attic if they can gain access.

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