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Who do you call to remove squirrels from the attic? Squirrel Removal Toronto of course! Get an affordable price with Squirrel Removal Toronto. We’re Squirrel Control Experts with Experienced Animal Removal Toronto Technicians. Learn how to get rid of squirrels in the attic.

Squirrel Removal Toronto

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5 Reasons To Choose Affordable Squirrel Removal Services

If you are a resident of the Greater Toronto Area who needs a professional solution to your squirrel infestation but doesn’t know which wildlife specialists to call, look no further. 

Business owners and Toronto homeowners use our animal removal services because of our excellent value and high success rate for solving different types of squirrel problems.

  • Squirrel Removal Toronto
    Squirrel Removal Toronto logo, Squirrel Control in Toronto
  1. We have 20+ years of experience managing wildlife problems. We have the proper equipment and use the best removal techniques to get rid of unwanted squirrels as quickly as possible for our Toronto area customers.
  2. We use one-way doors installed over roof vents and gable vents to safely remove all mobile squirrels from the attic.
  3. Hands-on baby squirrel removal from nests, vents & chimneys when required. We also know what steps to take when the baby squirrels can’t be located.
  4. We provide affordable squirrel removal in the North York area near Bathurst st Toronto!
  5. You will get high-quality and affordable squirrel control service with us. Year after year, we save customers money on basic animal problems because we are an independent family-run business.

Squirrels In Attic Removal Cost

Because of the high number of squirrels, you shouldn’t waste money on squirrel trapping in your neighbourhood. Reinforcing your house with chew-resistant screening keeps out nuisance squirrels and larger animals like raccoons and opossums. Resolve wildlife conflicts with our pest professionals tested solutions; we understand squirrel behaviour and know the best way to permanently solve your squirrel problem.

The Average Cost Of Squirrel Removal From One Entry Hole

Squirrel removal basic averages $300 to $400 for the initial fee; this includes installing an exclusion door over the exit hole and returning later to remove the door and patch the hole.

Squirrel Removal Cost
Squirrel Removal Cost – $250 to $450

Total Cost To Repair Extensive Damage & Install Squirrel Prevention.

Roof edge damage requires repairing shingles and then covering them with bite-proof mesh. Extending the mesh around the rest of the roof edge is a good idea, but the additional cost can add up to a lot depending on the size of the house.

Roof vents are the most common access points, and some houses have more than others. Each roof vent should be covered for maximum protection.

Roof Soffit Intersections are the easiest points of entry once discovered by squirrels because they usually are partially open with a gap. Not all houses have these intersections, but some have ten or more, which can be costly to protect.

Now that you know the most common area squirrels target, you can go outside and walk around the house taking measurements ad counting the vents and intersections; if you can’t see the roof vents from the ground, a simple internet search of your address can zero in on your rooftop to get the count there.

Now that you have a rough measurement and count on problem areas, you can contact a wildlife service for pricing per individual item and cost per foot for roof edge protection and do the math yourself.

Some companies charge significantly higher prices for the extras but only mention these costs after you are on the hook for the basic fee. So better to ask ahead of time.

The above info will help you avoid paying double or triple if you simply get these prices over the phone. Some companies claim they don’t know if the cost will be $300 or $3000 until they inspect your house. Which makes no sense if they work on customers’ houses every day. If you can’t get this info over the phone before you book an appointment, they might just make up a price on the spot.

Be aware of the Lead Generation Companies disguised as wildlife companies ( Sponsored Pay Ads on Google), they charge the most, so they can make money by selling your appointment to a random company. They won’t give hardly any information over the phone, and they won’t tell you the name of the companies they sell to. If you ask the right questions, you can usually weed these guys out and hire an affordable wildlife removal company directly and save $100-$150 right off the bat.

Our squirrel removal and raccoon removal technicians will do a thorough inspection to locate the problem area and all potential easy access holes and install chew-resistant screening for an additional charge, effectively ending your problem.

Squirrel control prevention screening will cost extra, but that’s a small price to stop more squirrel damage and the peace of mind that comes with that.

Guaranteed Results – Affordable Squirrel Removal Services

Our humane methods work and come with a 1 to 5-year warranty to stop the abundant Eastern Gray Squirrel and even the infamous Red Squirrel from entering any area where we install our chew-proof screening, which can prevent significant damage and repeat entry.

Every house in the Greater Toronto Area has its potential weak spots & potential squirrel entry points. Whether new or old houses, they are all prone to wildlife issues and animal damage.

Suppose you truly want to eliminate squirrels from being able to gain entry to your attic to build nests have babies and chew electrical wires. In that case, you’ll need to seriously consider the prevention screening recommendations to stop further damage, which we included with our initial all points exterior inspection.

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  • Wildlife Prevention Screening Is Your Best Defence In The Squirrel Removal Process.
  • Prevent Screening Stops Nuisance Squirrels And Other Wild Animals From Invading Your Space,
  • Every Squirrel Will Give Up After Feeling The Strength Of Our WildlifePrevention Screening.
  • Hire One Of The Best Squirrel Control Companies in The Greater Toronto Area
  • Low-cost Squirrels in attic removal near North York and Thornhill, Ontario
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  • Affordable Pest Control Tips For Greater Toronto Area Homeowners
  • Is it the year squirrels hunt for somewhere safe to nest and give birth?
  • We are a strong advocate for the humane treatment of all animals.
  • Please contact your local humane society for any domestic animals in distress.
  • Dead Animal Removal Services Available

Our Squirrel Removal Experts are ready to help in Toronto and the surrounding area. Let’s hope that the family of squirrels is content with living in a tree and not on your roof.

If they do happen to chew holes to gain entry into your attic, it’s best to act fast. Some homeowners aren’t sure if they should let the squirrels nest and raise their babies once they’ve gained entry or call a roofer to patch potential wildlife entry areas.

Take our advice and hire a professional wildlife removal company immediately for hassle-free, guaranteed removal while protecting your most valuable asset. Get the squirrels removed from your attic or chimney and humane baby removal.

Squirrel Removal Near Scarbourough Toronto, Affordable Squirrel Removal Scarbourough
Affordable Squirrel Removal Near Scarborough, ON

Squirrel Exclusion Experts With Long-Term Solutions

Pest management for squirrels – Our squirrel removal technicians keep busy year-round installing squirrel prevention screening on residential & commercial buildings across the Greater Toronto Area. Providing humane removal of the nuisance squirrel from unwanted areas. We have the best options for the most common squirrel problems.

  • Removal of the nuisance animal is only part of the process. Knowing that nuisance wildlife like squirrels are creatures of habit, you can bet they will be back trying and regain entry once evicted using a one-way door.
  • Adding extra prevention screening to key areas of your home will cost more but is a permanent solution to squirrels chewing holes and causing structural damage.
  • Our employees at Squirrel Removal Toronto can be trusted to get the nuisance animals out and keep them out. Our wildlife control experts guarantee to stop squirrels and other pest wildlife from gaining entry to areas we protect.


  • Our highly trained Squirrel Removal Toronto technician will inspect your roof for entry holes and determine the best method for your particular squirrel pest control problem. Installing a specialized one-way door at the point of entry to allow the animals to exit but not get back in is the best squirrel removal method.
  • Setting a humane squirrel trap or doing hands-on removal with a net is used when the squirrel is loose in the living space of the house. Squirrels usually end up in the living space of a home by falling uncapped chimneys or chewing dryer exhaust hoses. Squirrel babies that are just getting their footing sometimes fall through the walls from the attic.
  • Squirrel babies less than 6-8 weeks old would be extracted by hand; once the mother squirrel is locked out of the attic, the babies will be waiting for her near the entry hole.

5 Types of North American Squirrels

The Eastern Gray Squirrel:

Eastern Gray Squirrels are one of the most common types of squirrels in North America. They live in many different habitats, from forests to cities. Eastern Gray Squirrels are very adaptable and can live in various climates. They are active during the day and build their nests, or dreys, in trees.

Eastern Gray Squirrels mate in the winter and have two to six babies in the spring. Baby squirrels are blind and deaf when born and stay with their mother until they are about eight weeks old. Eastern Gray Squirrels can live up to ten years in the wild.

The American Red Squirrel:

Red squirrels, also known as pine squirrels, are one of the smallest types of squirrels in North America. These squirrels have reddish fur with a white underside. They are also known for their bushy tails. Red squirrels live in coniferous and mixed forests and make their homes in tree cavities, among the branches, or nests made of leaves and twigs.

Red squirrels eat various foods, including nuts, seeds, berries, insects, and bird eggs. They also store food for later use. Red squirrels breed in the springtime and give birth to litters of two to six young. The young stay with their parents until they are ready to leave home.

Red squirrels can live up to eight years in the wild.

The Southern Flying Squirrel:

Southern Flying Squirrels are the smallest of the flying squirrels. They weigh around 7-10 ounces and have a wingspan of about 18 inches. Southern Flying Squirrels can be found in the eastern half of the United States, from Texas to Florida and up into New England. They prefer to live in deciduous forests but can also be found in parks and suburban areas.

Southern Flying Squirrels are nocturnal and hibernate during the winter. In the summer, they eat mostly insects but will also eat fruits, nuts, and seeds. They build nests from leaves, twigs, and bark high up in trees.

Southern Flying Squirrels mate in late winter or early spring. After mating, the female will give birth to 2-5 babies sometime between May and July.

The Western Gray Squirrel:

The Western Gray Squirrel can be found in the western part of the United States. They are usually gray or light brown and have a black stripe along their back. Western Gray Squirrels live in forests and eat nuts, seeds, and insects. They mate in the winter and have baby squirrels in the spring. Baby squirrels stay with their parents for a few months before they can take care of themselves. Western Gray Squirrels can live up to 10 years.

The Northern Flying Squirrel:

The Northern Flying Squirrel is a small, rodent-like creature that can be found throughout the Northeastern and Midwestern United States. They are most commonly seen in deciduous forests but can also be found in parks and other urban areas.

Northern Flying Squirrels are nocturnal creatures, meaning they are most active at night. During the day, they sleep in tree cavities, nests made of leaves and twigs, or among the insulation in buildings. They build their nests during the spring and early summer to have a place to rest during the baby season.

Northern Flying Squirrels mate in late winter or early spring. The female gives birth to 2-5 babies after a gestation period of about 40 days.


Chipmunks are small rodents that can be found throughout North America. Chipmunks live in burrows that they build, and they often have several entrances. Chipmunks eat seeds, nuts, fruits, and insects. They also store food in their burrows for later consumption. Chipmunks are active during the day and at night. They can be aggressive when defending their territory or when protecting their young. Chipmunks can be removed from an area by trapping them or using repellents.


How Do I Get Rid Of Squirrels In Toronto? – Affordable Squirrel Removal Toronto

Squirrels are adorable. Their expressive faces and inquisitive nature make them a real favourite with homeowners. Whether they are performing their acrobatics at the bird feeder or scampering up a nearby tree, squirrels can certainly be endearing.

That all changes when those adorable creatures decide to leave the backyard and take up residence in your attic. When that happens, that squirrel quickly transforms from an endearing acrobat to an unwanted houseguest.

Even worse, the gnawing and chewing squirrels love to do could put your home and your electrical wiring at risk. In a worst-case scenario, an errant squirrel could gnaw through electrical wiring and spark a devastating house fire.

Where there is one squirrel, there are probably more, and for everyone you see (or hear), there could be many others hiding in your attic or scampering around your home.

Suppose you suspect one or more squirrels have taken up residence in your attic. In that case, it is important to deal with the problem as soon as possible by hiring humane squirrel removal services and NOT A ROOFER before they do a lot of damage!

Hiring a ROOFER to seal the hole when you think the squirrels are outside is 100%, not the humane way and the wrong first step to take. This is the #1-way squirrels get trapped inside of attics, possibly leaving the customers with dead animals to contend with.

The roofer will walk away with easy money and get stuck with a potentially bigger problem that will cost you more $ in the long run. Save the $200 or $300 roofers charge and hire a squirrel removal expert to do the removal and repair.

We also do Wasp Nest Removal in Toronto. How To Get Rid Of Wasps
We also do Wasp Nest Removal in Toronto.

Controlling Squirrel Populations In Urban Environments

Squirrels are everywhere in the Greater Toronto Area and are a common problem in mouse urban areas. Parts of the GTA have been experiencing population growth among squirrels.

If you live in a squirrel-prone part of the Greater Toronto Area (a mature neighbourhood with fully developed trees), it is important to keep your tree branches well-trimmed. Ensure there are no overhanging branches that tree squirrels could use to jump onto your roof. Squirrels can jump up to eight feet in a single bound, so trim your trees accordingly.

If trimming the tree is not feasible, you can reduce squirrels from climbing up by placing a 2-foot band of sheet metal around the trunk. Bend the sheet metal and place it in a continuous band around the tree’s trunk, starting between six and eight feet off the ground.

It is also important to check your home for minor, and severe damage, especially your attic, for possible chewed wires and entry points. The attic is the most common entry point for squirrels, so this is where you should see the first signs of an infestation. Look for sunlight or trails in the insulation to zero in on possible entry points where squirrels may already be coming and going, keeping in mind that these red squirrels can squeeze through smaller holes than you might expect. Adult gray squirrels can squeeze through a fist-sized hole, and baby squirrels and red squirrels can use even smaller entry points.

Once you have assessed the inside of your home, it is time to check the exterior from the outside. The suspect holes in the roof may be visible from outside if you stand far enough back to get a line of sight to that area.

Someone in the wildlife control business best installs a one-way door since they have the experience to safely reach the hole and properly secure it. There could also be other holes squirrels have created during their comings and goings. A squirrel expert can also efficiently seal any holes or cracks you find to keep squirrels, mice, and other pests from getting in. Ensure attic vents and other potential entry points are secured with a wire hardware mesh.

Squirrel Removal Toronto Affordable Wildlife Control
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Affordable Raccoon and Squirrel Removal in Markham

Squirrels are funny, cute and entertaining, but only when they are on the outside of your attic. Taking a few simple precautions now can keep these creatures where they belong – in the great outdoors.

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