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Is It Time For Squirrels Removal From The Attic? 7 Great Reasons To Choose Our Affordable Squirrel Removal Service

If you are wondering what Toronto wildlife control company to call for squirrels in the attic, look no further.

  1. We use the best squirrel removal techniques in the Greater Toronto Area to solve the nuisance pest issue as quickly as possible for our customers, all while being humane and affordable.
  2. Humane one-way door method to safely remove all mobile squirrels from the attic.
  3. Hands-on baby squirrel removal from nests, vents & chimneys when required. We also know what steps to take when the baby squirrels can’t be located.
  4. We provide affordable squirrel removal near Bathurst st Toronto! Call us if you got a free estimate from another company that was too crazy expensive. ๐Ÿ‘‰ No franchise fees factored in to our work becacse we are a small independently owned & opperated squirrel removal company. This is the main reason why some wildlife removal companies in Toronto charge such high prices. They get charged on average a 35% subcontractor fee or franchise fee of what you are charged.
  5. ๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿ‘‰We can also provide temporary patches around the squirrel entry hole and one-way door
  6. You will get high-quality and affordable squirrel control service with us. Year after year we save customers money on basic squirrel removals because we are an independent family run business.
  7. Affordable Squirrel removal price near Yonge st, Ontario


Donโ€™t waste money with companies that trap & relocate squirrels in your neighbourhood. Simply have your house reinforced with chew-resistant screening to keep nuisance squirrels out permanently.

  • Squirrel Removal, Squirrel Removal Toronto, Squirrel Removal Near North York Toronto
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Our squirrel removal and raccoon removal technicians do thorough inspections to locate all potential entry holes and offer to install chew-resistant screening to stop squirrels from chewing holes to get back inside the attic.

Squirrel control prevention screening will cost extra but that’s a small price to pay for an squirrel-proof house and the peace of mind that comes with that.

Guaranteed Results With Our Affordable Squirrel Removal Services

Guarantees to stop grey and red squirrels from entering any area where we install our chew-proof, screening.

Every house in the Greater Toronto Area has its potential weak spots & potential squirrel entry points. Whether it’s a new or old house makes no difference to a squirrel seeking shelter.

If you truly want to eliminate squirrels from being able to gain entry to your attic to build nests have babies and chew wires, you’ll need to seriously consider the prevention screening recommendations which are included with our initial all points exterior inspection.


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Who do you call to remove squirrels from the attic? Squirrel Removal Toronto of course! Get an affordable price with Squirrel Removal Toronto. We’re Squirrel Control Experts with Experienced Animal Removal Toronto Technicians. Learn how to get rid of squirrels in the attic.

Our Squirrel Removal Experts are ready to help in Toronto GTA. Let’s hope that the family of squirrels is content with living in a tree and not your roof.

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If they do happen to chew holes to gain entry into your attic, it’s best to act fast. Some homeowners aren’t quite sure if they should just let the squirrels nest and raise their babies once they’ve gained entry, or maybe call a roofer to patch holes?

Take it from us, hire a professional wildlife removal company immediately for hassle-free, guaranteed removal. Get the squirrels removed from your attic or chimney along with humane baby removal.

Get an additional year added to the guarantee, just ask us how. Call Squirrel Removal Toronto today and get the process started. (416) 560-4656 Toronto, ON, M4p1Y3


Highly Trained & Experienced Toronto Squirrel Removal Technicians!

Go with someones whoโ€™s been there. Our squirrel removal technicians keep busy year-round installing squirrel control prevention screening on residential & commercial buildings across the Greater Toronto Area. Providing humane removal of all wild animals from attics, walls, crawl spaces, floors, chimneys, and wherever else squirrels & other animals like to build nests and have babies.

  • Removal of the squirrels, birds or raccoons is only part of the process. Knowing that nuisance wildlife like squirrels are creatures of habit, you can bet they will be back trying and regain entry once removed using a one-way door.
  • Adding extra prevention screening to key areas of your home will cost more but is the only way to stop wild squirrels from chewing holes to get inside the attic,
  • Our employees at Squirrel Removal Toronto can be trusted to get the nuisance animals out and keep them out. Our wildlife control experts guarantee to stop squirrels and other pest wildlife from gaining entry at areas we protect.
Squirrel Removal Near Scarbourough Toronto, Affordable Squirrel Removal Scarbourough
Affordable Squirrel Removal Near Scarborough, ON


  • Our highly trained Squirrel Removal Toronto technician will inspect your roof for entry holes and determine the best method for your particular squirrel pest control problem. Installing a specialized one-way door at the point of entry to allow the animals to exit but not get back in is the best squirrel removal from attics method.
  • Setting a humane squirrel trap or doing hands-on removal with a net is used when the squirrel is loose in the living space of the house. Squirrels usually end up in the living space of a home by falling down uncapped chimneys or chewing dryer exhaust hoses. Squirrel babies that are just getting their footing sometimes fall down through the walls from the attic.
  • Squirrel babies less than 6-8 weeks old would have the be extracted by hand, once the mother squirrel is locked out of the attic the babies will be waiting for her near the entry hole
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We also do Wasp Nest Removal in Toronto.


How do I get rid of squirrels in Toronto? – Affordable Squirrel Removal Toronto


Squirrels are adorable. Their expressive faces and inquisitive nature make them a real favourite with homeowners. Whether they are performing their acrobatics at the bird feeder or scampering up a nearby tree, squirrels can certainly be endearing.

That all changes when those adorable creatures decide to leave the backyard and take up residence in your attic. When that happens, that squirrel quickly transforms from an endearing acrobat to an unwanted houseguest.

Even worse, the gnawing and chewing squirrels love to do could put your home and your electrical wiring at risk. In a worst-case scenario, an errant squirrel could gnaw through an electric wire and spark a devastating house fire.

Where there is one squirrel there are probably more, and for everyone you see (or hear) there could be many others hiding in your attic or scampering around your home.

If you suspect that one or more squirrels have taken up residence in your attic, it is important to deal with the problem as soon as possible by hiring wildlife removal services and NOT A ROOFER!

Hiring a ROOFER to seal the hole when you think the squirrels are outside is 100% the wrong approach and is the #1-way animals get trapped inside of attics. The roofer will walk away with easy money and leave you stuck with a potentially bigger problem that will cost you more $ in the long run. Save the $200 or $300 roofers charge and hire a squirrel removal expert to do the removal and repair.

Squirrel Removal Toronto Affordable Wildlife Control
Do You Need An Affordable Wildlife Removal Company With Great Reviews Outside Of Toronto? Read our Squirrel and Raccoon Removal Brampton info before you hire a Brampton Service. Get High-Quality Affordable squirrel removal near Yonge st, Ontario.
Affordable Raccoon and Squirrel Removal in Markham

Squirrels are everywhere in the Greater Toronto Area, but they are just as common in other parts of the country.  Parts of Canada have been experiencing a population explosion among squirrels.

If you live in a squirrel-prone part of the Greater Toronto Area (mature neighbourhood with fully developed trees), it is important to keep your trees well-trimmed. Make sure there are no overhanging branches squirrels could use to jump onto your roof. Squirrels can jump up to eight feet in a single bound, so trim your trees accordingly.

If trimming the tree is not feasible, you can stop squirrels from climbing up by placing a 2-foot band of sheet metal around the trunk. Bend the sheet metal and place it in a continuous band around the trunk of the tree, starting between six and eight feet off the ground.

It is also important to check your home, especially your attic, for possible entry points. Look for any holes and possible entry points where squirrels may have already come in, keeping in mind that these creatures can squeeze through smaller holes than you might expect. An adult squirrel can squeeze through a fist-sized hole, and baby squirrels can use even smaller entry points.

Once you have assessed the outside of your home, it is time to check out the attic from the inside. The attic is the most common entry point for squirrels, so this is where you should see the first signs of an infestation.

Start by looking for light coming in from the outside – there could be the holes squirrels have created during their comings and goings. Seal any holes or cracks you find to keep squirrels, mice, and other pests from getting in. Be sure to seal attic vents and other potential points of entry with a wire hardware cloth.

Making the interior of your home less hospitable to squirrels is also important. While you are in the attic, take a few minutes to spray the entire area with a commercial squirrel repellent. You can buy this repellent at any hunting outfitter or outdoor store, or you can make your own by mixing a tablespoon of hot sauce with a quart of water and spraying the mixture generously around the attic and the exterior of your home.

Squirrels are funny, cute and entertaining, but only when they are on the outside of your attic. Taking a few simple precautions now can keep these creatures where they belong – in the great outdoors.

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